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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Research Methods - Explained! (Unit 1)

This will be a challenging area of Psychology. We will be looking into experiments and analysing how they form evidence for us to study.
In the first couple of lessons we will be looking at the following:

* Independent / Dependent and Extraneous Variables
* Laboratory / Field and Natural Experiments
* Non - Experimental Techniques - OBSERVATIONS / CASE STUDIES (HM)
* Sampling Methods - Self Report Techniques incl. Interviews / Questionnaires
* Structured and Unstructured questions - what do avoid when writing questions!
* Qualitative and Quantitative data
* Context Analysis
* Hypothesis & Variables

As we progress through this part of the unit we will also cover Ethical Issues. These arise in ALL experiments, so please be aware of them. 

The remainder of this term leading up to the Christmas break is going to be extremely busy. I have high expectations of ALL of you. 

Also, be aware, that the first week back after Christmas YOU WILL HAVE A MOCK EXAM ON UNIT 1 - COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY & RESEARCH METHODS. This will be 1hr and 30 minutes long. You must ensure you are prepared and revise well.  

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  1. hi miss,
    sorry i wasnt in your lessons today, i have bronchitis. would you be able to put up the powerpoints from the lessons i missed so i can make notes at home
    thank you