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Miss Carpenter

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Work for 12.4 / 12.5 26th / 27th January

TaskCreate a Poster highlighting information on the following approaches in Abnormality.

1. The Psychodynamic Approach and Treatments (Psychoanalysis)
2. The Behavioural Approach and Treatments (System Desensitisation)
3. The Cognitive Approach and treatments  (CBT, REMT)
You must include the approach and as well as its treatment. Do NOT forget to evaluate each one.
Make your posters as bright and appealing as you possibly can, some may be used for displays!

You have until Monday’s lesson to complete the task (12.4)
You have until the end of tuesdays lesson (12.5)
Netbooks will be available for todays, Friday and Monday lesson. Use them to find pictures that you can print in colour and you can type your work then apply it to your poster. Use the sugar paper as provided - use more than 1 sheet! 
Revision session at lunch today will be rescheduled for Tuesday next week.

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