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Miss Carpenter

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cover work for Thursday 23rd FEB 2012 Lesson 2 & 5

ALL work must be completed without fail in the classroom during P2 & P5 THURS:

Using PowerPoint below (The body's response to stress) finish notes on:
*The SAM Pathway and HPA axis
*Use EVALUATIONS from Hodder Education books Pgs 117 & 118 (BLUE BOXES) and put this on to A4 plain paper or put in to notes. Which ever you wish.

Continue with notes on PowerPoint:
*Summery of SAM & HPA
*Selye (1956) GAS Model.

Task 2:
Watch the 2 videos -


This video is slightly dated and can be unclear in areas. However, the general idea of STRESS is apparent. So please watch. Duration of video: 10 mins


Duration of video: 5minutes.

Worksheets on desk labeled Y12 THURS P2 & P5 complete Pg110 & 111 ONLY. Pg110 please work individually and put answers into your own words. DO NOT COPY STRAIGHT FROM A BOOK / INTERNET. Use your notes to help you, but re word your answers.

Next: Start the Powerpoint Stress - related illness and the immune system - complete to slide 7.
Use Hodder Education Pgs 118 - 119 inclu research to develop your notes from the slides.

Any work not completed within the 2hrs of lesson time, ensure you complete it independently for Tues P5 lesson. NO EXCUSES.  

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